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Форум » English club » Enlish club light online » Lesson 5 (WHALES 3 + FREDDY MERCURY - LIVING ON MY OWN)
Lesson 5
SamuraiДата: Четверг, 02.07.2009, 1:11 PM | Сообщение # 1
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The calf snatches a desperate breath. The mother becomes increasingly agitated. Frantically she tries to push her calf back to the surface so it can breathe. But now it’s so exhausted that it has to be supported by its mother’s body. The killers won’t give up. Like a pack of wolves they take turns in harassing the whales. Now the whole pod is involved. One of them takes a bite. Soon the sea is reddened with the calf’s blood. And the killers close in for the final act.
The calf is dead. After a six hour hunt the killer whales have finally won their prize. The mother bereft has to continue her migration north on her own. She leaves behind the carcass of the calf that she cherished for thirteen months in her womb, for which she delayed her own journey to find food. The pod of fifteen killer whale spent over six hours trying to kill this calf. But now having succeeded they have eaten nothing more than its lower jaw and its tongue. Valuable food like this will not go to waste in the ocean. Before long the carcass will sink to the very bottom of this deep sea. But even there its flesh will not be wasted.

increase ['ɪŋkri:s] возрастать, увеличивать
agitate ['ædʒɪteɪt] волновать, будоражить
frantic ['fræntɪk] нейстовый, безумный
give up отступать
pack [pæk] свора, стая (собачья, волчья)
take turns сменяться, чередоваться
harass ['hærəs] изнурять, домогаться
pod [pɒd] стадо, стая (тюленей,китов)
involved [ɪn'vɒlvd] вовлечен
bite [baɪt] кусать
close in приближаться для атаки
bereave [bɪ'ri:v] лишать, отнимать (нпр отца - сына)
carcass ['kɑ:kəs] труп, тело, туша
cherish ['tʃerɪʃ] няньчить, заботливо вынашивать
womb [wu:m] утроба, матка
delay [dɪ'leɪ] откладывать, мешкать
jaw [dʒɔ:] челюсть
valuable ['væljυəbl] ценная
go to waste [weɪst] пропадать напрасно
before long вскоре
sink тонуть, топить, идти ко дну
bottom ['bɒtəm] дно
flesh [fleʃ] плоть, мякоть


Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry.
Nowhere to go nothing to do with my time.
I get lonely, so lonely, living on my own.
Sometimes I feel I'm always walking too fast.
And everything is coming down on me, down on me .,
I go crazy, oh so crazy, living on my own.
Dee doh deh deh, Dee doh deh deh.
I don't have no time for no monkey business.
Dee doh deh deh, Dee doh deh deh
I get so lonely lonely lonely, lonely, yeah.
Got to be some good times ahead

Sometimes I feel nobody gives me no warning.
Find my head is always up in the clouds in a dream world.
It's not easy living on my own.

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Форум » English club » Enlish club light online » Lesson 5 (WHALES 3 + FREDDY MERCURY - LIVING ON MY OWN)
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